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Clint's classes/privates schedule

I enjoy working with each one of you and your dogs!



When a dog wants some attention:

  • Some will come stare at you
  • Some will present a toy
  • Others prefer a more direct approach

Please note: Acoma's policy for privates states that cancellations by clients be communicated to the instructor at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson to avoid being charged for the missed private lesson. Exceptions are made if the handler/dog has a sudden medical issue. In that case, may you and/or Fluffy get better soon!


Clint's contact info:

Phone: 505-620-9646

Email: wolfclint@hotmail.com



10-03-2022 Class/Privates are ON

10-10-2022 Class/Privates are ON

10-17-2022 Class/Privates are ON

10-24-2022 Class/Privates are ON (1st class - please remember to register ahead of time)

10-31-2022 Class/Privates are ON



10-07-2022 Privates are ON (Tater at 6:30pm, Stella at 7:00pm)

10-14-2022 Privates are ON (Stella at 6:30pm, Pearl at 7:00pm)

10-21-2022 Privates are ON (Tater at 6:30pm, Stella at 7:00pm)

10-28-2022 Privates are ON (Stella at 6:30pm, Pearl at 7:00pm)

Schedules (start times)
6:30pm - Private - Rob and Oakley
7:00pm - Private - June and Zoey May
7:30pm - Agility Drill/Class
8:30pm - Private - Melinda and Rime
6:30pm - Private - Tater or Stella (swapping every other week)
7:00pm - Private - Stella or Pearl (swapping every other week)
7:30pm - Private - Venetia and Mavis
8:00pm - Private - Holly and Ana