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 Welcome to Acoma Training Center 
 Winner of Best Of The City in both 2018 & 2019!!
* Our Schedule

Hi Folks!

We are now in a holding pattern as this next lock down takes effect.

When we have the green light to continue, we will start up where we left off.

* Acoma Trainers

Acoma Trainers (Trish Spradley, Judy Schmille, Kathleen Copeland, Susan McGowen, Suzi Dressler, Mary Ayn Shoemate, Melinda Bender, Angela Richardson, and Clint Wolf) have you and your dogs health and safety always in mind. We are outside for the foreseeable future. We have lots of space and fresh air...

* COVID-19 Inherent Risk

When a group of people gather, such as in a class setting, there is an increased risk of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus. As you may know, contracting COVID-19 can lead to serious health conditions, up to and including death.

Even though our gatherings are held outdoors, you understand that this risk is still present.

When choosing to attend any class/drill/private session/other gathering at Acoma Training Center, you agree to accept this risk voluntarily.

* Aggressive Dog Policy

Any dogs that have shown aggression toward people or other dogs must wear a muzzle.

Muzzle must be on dog prior to getting out of car in parking lot.

Baskerville Muzzles are Required.

 Upcoming Events
There are no events available at this time.
Contact us at 505-266-6436
Problem dogs are always welcome at Acoma!

If you need extra help, we provide private lessons available during week days.