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 Welcome to Acoma Training Center 
 Our dog training classes are designed to make your canine companion a valuable member of your family. Please feel free to call with any questions regarding our training classes or other services.
* Winter temps and Outdoor Classes - As a general rule, our outdoor classes will be cancelled when the temperature forecast for class time (including the wind chill) is equal to 34 degrees or lower. We will be relying on the forecasts for the Acoma area (zip code 87123) at

As an example, if at 10am in the morning, you visit and see that the temperature (including wind chill) forecast for your 7pm outdoor class will be 31 degrees, that class will be cancelled.

Note: Indoor classes are not affected by this policy.

 Upcoming Events
March 29, 2019
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March 30, 2019
Lure Coursing - Click for more
April 13, 2019
ASCA Agility Trial - Click for more
April 26, 2019
AKC Agility Trial - Click for more
May 3, 2019
NADAC Agility Trial - Click for more
Contact us at 505-266-6436
Problem dogs are always welcome at Acoma!

If you need extra help, we provide private lessons available during week days.